The Calcutta letters

Sarnámhuis is organizing a Zoom conference on the Calcutta Letters. The Calcutta Letters refer to the correspondence between the Agent General in Suriname with officials in India and the Caribbean as well as the internal correspondence between the Agent General and the Districts Commissioners in Suriname. The letters are in the archive of the Agent General in the National Archives in Suriname.

The letters contains detailed information about the communication between Indians and their family. In combination with the database of the immigration registers this new database will be a important sources for the analysis of indentured labour.

Sandew Hira and Tanya Sitaram are writing the 10-volume publication of these letter. In the Zoom conference they go in-depth into the content of the letters and the communication.

The conference is moderated by Amar Soekhlal, president of Sarnámihuis.

Date: Sunday November 7, 2021

Time: 15:00 Amsterdam and Natal, 14:00 London, 10:00 Paramaribo, 18:30 New Delhi, 09:00 New York and Trinidad.

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