Rekesh Dukaloo

Genre: Muziek – Reggae/Indian

“Probeer je grenzen te verleggen en vertrouw op jezelf. Laat andere mensen je nooit afschrikken zolang je dingen niet ervaart. Tegenslagen heb je overal zitten, maar met muziek is het net ietsje anders zoals Bob Marley ooit zei: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Rekesh Dukaloo

Rekesh Dukaloo is a 29 year old all around MUSICIAN, PRODUCER and VOCALIST. At the young age of 7 his interest for music became the most important thing in his life. First he learned to play the drums at the Stichting Kunst Vorming Rotterdam. While studying at the SKVR he played and sang in semi-professional bands. In the year of 1998 he won the biggest INDIAN SONGFESTIVAL in Holland. After his big win he performed in a couple of great shows with famous Indian artists like Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam and Ashok Khare.

As he grew as an a musician he developed more and more experience with recording live arrangements. His primary instrument is the PIANO, but he also plays the DRUMS and BASS GUITAR. In the year of 2000 he majored in the study of Indian Classical singing at the MUSICAL CONSERVATORIUM in Rotterdam. By 2002 Rekesh was in several bands with whom he played different styles of music like Latin, Reggae, Pop and many others. His first SOLOALBUM named ‘Me 4 You’ was released in 2003. After this period he played as a freelance musician in different kinds of bands and produced a couple of songs with various artists. Most of the time you could find him in the studio, recording or producing a new track.

In 2006 Rekesh began a study in Rotterdam called MUSICIAN/ PRODUCER at the ALBEDA COLLEGE in Rotterdam and graduated in July of 2010. Two years before graduation he established his own record label, R.D. MUSIQ, where he produces and records for different artists. He released a new album after his solo tour in Surinam in February 2012. In September Rekesh was part of the ‘TOUR FOR GREEN ARUBA’ with OFFSHORE for whom he also produces and plays keys & drums.

He’s has been a member of the ZIGGI RECADO and the RENAISSANCEBAND for the last 8 years, where he’s not just a musician but also the bands musical director. They have toured around the world where they have given some big concerts in AFRICA, the CARIBBEAN and EUROPE. They’ve accompanied international Reggae artists in the Netherlands like GENTLEMEN and toured Europe with the likes of GYPTIAN & JAH CURE in the Summer of 2012.

Today he’s a teacher at THE ROCKSCHOOL in Leiden where he gives classes in piano and drums.

Rekesh worked also with artist like: Replay, Ali.B, Gio, Lange Frans & Baas.B, Bryan Beillout, Giovanca, BEEF, Shirma Rouse, Fouradi, Mischulaikah, Tasha’s World, Pete Philly, Trafassi, Yes-r, Ruffcutband (UK), K-liber, Brace, Craig David (UK), Blackstar, Rootsriders, Ken Booth (JAM), Natty King (JAM), Etana (JAM), Lutan Fyah (JAM), Fantan Mojah (JAM) Ras Indio (Belize), Jay Collin, Cherwin Muringen, Ras Motivated, General Levy (UK), Alborosie (JAM), Frank Arindel, Farida Merville, Abraham I-riginal,Irie Love (HAW), The Opposites, Kim-Lian, Keizer, Apache Indian (UK), Miss Pooja (India) Morgan Heritage (JAM), Gyptian (JAM), Papemann, Chezidek (JAM), Anthony.B (JAM), Maikal-X, Kenny.B, Ray Neiman, Benaissa, Jah Cure (JAM).

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